Principal’s Message

Swami Ramkrishana Pramhansh Teachers’ Training College was start in 2008, since that time we regularly make efforts to excellence teacher education. Our teachers’ training center decide the mission to excellence education to next generation and develop teaching and life skills in our students.

We have fixe the goal quality education and for that our college shall provide quality education to pupil-teacher who will contribute to the development of state and nation and they will motivate learners to strive for secular, scientific and democratic education, because as Nelson Mandela said about education “Education is the most powerful weapon, we can used to change the world” so if you are provide education to sum body you are making service to nation and service of god. Our institution have goal of ideal teacher. Ideal teacher means – all round development of personality, integrity, development of teaching skills, professional competence, creative excellence and enlightenment throughout value education.

In last I would like to say that – Education is not way of life it life it self.
Thankyou to all parents, students, management, teachers and our well-wishers.

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